Elon Musk's Favourite Color And Puppy On Its Way To The Moon!

Red Floki is a Deflationary Token That Charges Tx Fees On Everything But Buys. The Fees Charged On All Non-Buy Transactions Help Reward And Protect All HOLDRs.

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About Us

Venturing Out To Create The Healthiest Meme Economy On Binance Smart Chain, Our Team Bred Red Floki. A Combination Of Bold Redness And The Greatest Of All Meme Glory, Red Floki Is Aimed At The Moon.

Coming Out Of The Box, Red Floki Is Deflationary, With HOLDR Rewards And No Buy Fees, Because Our Team Wants You Aimed At The Moon As Well.

Multi-Faceted Profits For You

Everyone loves profits. That's why Red Floki has multiple mechanisms to bring those profits to your wallet. Firstly, HOLDR rewards provide you with an automatically ever-increasing balance; secondly, burning increases the value of each token. You could watch both your balance and the price of each token increase simultaneously and automatically with Red Floki.

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Token Info

1 Quadrillion

Max Supply

Binance Smart Chain

Token Network

Red Floki Inu

Token Name


Token Symbol


Whales with no loyalty to the project are not a problem with Red Floki. A max transaction limit on selling prevents whales from dumping the token and dropping its price. Buys, on the other hand, have no limit.


3% HOLDR Rewards

HOLDR rewards are similar to dividends in the stock market. A 3% fee charged on all non-buy transactions allows the reward balance to accumulate. The result gets distributed to all HOLDRs.
3% Automatic Liquidity

3% Automatic Liquidity

As the liquidity pool for Red Floki grows, so does its liquidity and its hedge against price fluctuations. Equipped with a 3% transaction fee on all non-buy transactions, the pool for Red Floki can always keep growing.
3% Burn

3% Burn

Red Floki burns tokens regularly and automatically to maintain its deflationary status. All non-buy transactions get charged a 3% fee. The accumulated tokens are removed from the total supply forever.
3% Marketing

3% Marketing

As great as Red Floki can be, it cannot grow without promotion. For that reason, all non-buy transactions get charged another 3% fee for marketing Red Floki to grow our community.

Why Red  Floki?

3% Automatic Liquidity

Liquidity Locked

The Red Floki will lock liquidity to give you the ease of mind that no rug pulls are at play.



Charitable organizations will share some of the profits the Red Floki community experiences. No one goes empty-handed with Red Floki.

Earn Passive Income

Earn Passive Income

HOLDing Red Floki can earn you passive income through HOLDR rewards. Sit back and watch your balance grow automatically.

Community Feature

Community Driven

Rewarding its community is Red Floki's design. Similarly, by HOLDing, the community allows Red Floki to flourish through its tokenomics. It's a perfect pair.

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Our Roadmap

  • New Website and Branding
  • Social Media Channels
  • Fair Launch
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Launch of our Official Whitepaper
  • Audit Applications and Reviews
  • Listing on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap
  • Charity Donations
  • Community / Team Building
  • AMA's
  • Giveaways
  • 30k Twitter Followers
  • 30k Instagram Followers
  • 30k Telegram Group Members
  • Red Floki Swap
  • Listing on Major Exchanges
  • Influencer Marketing Push
  • Launch of Merchandise
  • Further Partnerships
  • NFT and Games
  • Further Ecosystem Development